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Repwarn Resellers
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Filling Your Calendar With Businesses Who Are Desperate
To Hear About Repwarn And Cut You Your First Sale Fee!

For Success Hungry Repwarn Resellers, Salespeople and Entrepreneurs,

I know you are SUPER keen to jump into your Repwarn Business and Start telling people all about it.

And to help you succeed with a long term income plan - I will draw on my years of being in a sales background and as I moved to self employment, as a consultant, contacting offline local business. And while it's no surprise to you I'm sure, there was one single part I absolutely, positively HATED with every bit of my being.

I Was Dreadfully Scared Of Cold-Calling
Prospective Clients and it Was Killing My Profits!

The heart of my success relied solely on my ability to not only FIND leads, but to actually pick up the phone and speak to them... (arghh!)

Of course, these days and using the tools we have put in place for Repwarn Resellers, you can drive traffic with ads, to giveaway pages, automated webinars and more. BUT - Nothing will EVER take the place of sitting with someone face to face (or over skype) and showing them Rewparn working for them... The only problem... how to reach them quickly, without going through that initial pain of trying to 'cold call or doorknock' your way in the door.

Your blood starts to pump as the anxiety sets it. Your hand trembles as you dial in the phone number. Part of you hopes that no one will answer because your mind has gone blank, and you have no idea what to say. When suddenly...

"Hello, Apricot Automotive. How may I help you?"
Gasp... they've picked up. Ok, ok the pitch. What was it again? ...Click! Damn it, they've hung up. You've lost them.
Don't worry, I was there too.

And to make matters worse, I knew the success of my business relied on my ability to turn a prospect into a paying client. Without that, I wouldn't make money and my business would soon fall flat. How the hell was I going to make this work if I could barely make out a shaky, "Hello....?"

In just a moment, I'm going to let you in on the secret to gathering leads in SECONDS and turning them into a client without EVER having to cold call anyone!


Let Me Tell You Of A MAJOR Breakthrough....
One That Means NO MORE Cold Calling!

What if you could automate the lead generation and prospecting all the way to a sale!

That's when it hit me. Like a ton of bricks, it hit me. What if I could convert leads into clients, WITHOUT having to make nerve-wracking cold calls? What if a nifty little software could do all the grunt work for me? Imagine how much time that would save... or even better, imagine NEVER having to stress about picking up the phone again!

Sound too good to be true? Honestly, I thought so too. Until I gave a handful of my closest peers a sneak peek at my genius creation...


Instantly Find and Connect with Prospective Clients... WITHOUT Picking Up the Phone!

Watch this quick 2 min 9 second video and find out how YOU can instantly generate targeted leads and turn
them into a paying client, without dialing a single number!

The beauty behind the power of this software is its easy-to-use, 2-step process.

Select your niche and location, and watch as TRACE INSTANTLY creates a list of prospective clients. Add them to contacts or projects and get ready to send!
Choose the template email you'd like to send, and VOILA! That's it. You've sent your client a persuasive and powerful pitch, without picking up the phone.

That's it. It really doesn't get simpler than this!

And saving the phone call doesn't just put your nerves at risk, it also increases your ability to actually connect with the prospect, and turn them into a paying client.

PLUS - With the selection of PRE WRITTEN emails and subject lines included with your purchase (andthe unlimited ones you can create for yourself) You are two simple steps from FAST TRACKING your first Repwarn Sale

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I HATE that cold calling scene... (still). How often do you hear, "Oh... the manager? Yeah, she's um...um...she's busy.

Easily Reach the Boss and Secure the Deal,
Without Having to
Fight Through Their Minions!

With TRACE, you can EASILY direct yourself to the head honcho "the one who will be handing you the money!" without trying to dodge past the lineup of employees low on the totem pole.

Unlike other lead generators, TRACE gets in the trenches of Facebook and Google to give you active business profiles (and 9.8 times outta 10, these are run directly by the business owner).

Not only is this going to save you a TON of time, you can avoid stressful phone calls and achieve greater success... and hey, the extra money in your pocket won't hurt either!

Here's How TRACE Will Benefit You...

Spend less time wading through search results, and more time making money! Easily find targeted leads and collect their contact information within seconds.

Avoid awkward and nerve-wracking cold calls! Simply input your template email and contact leads at the click of a button. Your client list is about to explode... with profits to match.

Increase response rates! Gain direct access to the social profiles of your prospective clients, where you can send emails to their preferred contact method.

Store unlimited templates for letters and emails for quick connections! You'll save hours time as you send email after email, in a few short minutes!

Track your success and response rates! You'll always know what works and what doesn't, so you can focus on what's important: ringing in the sales.

Whether you're a Mac junkie, or a PC loyalist (...or somewhere in between!), TRACE runs smoothly and seamlessly on both systems for maximum performance and money-making capability (even from your PHONE!!).


TRACE Takes the Reins and Does All My Grunt Work For Me!

For generating fast start leads, sending them to the free report download and automated webinar systems, Heck - even getting the REALLY HOT ONES to meet you for a coffee in a few hours (while you show them Repwarn and how dangerous is the internet world without it

Including the BONUS Of Pre written email templates and subject lines (niches) that you can begin with and expand to an unlimited level.

From searching for leads to initiating contact, you're looking at 58 seconds of work...MAX!

Alright, sounds great Walt. But what's this going to cost me?

Pure and Simple: I want you to succeed with your Repwarn Resellers Business and I have BEEN where you are - and know there is an easier way.

TRACE makes the hardest part of business easy... And there are similar programs out there selling for as much as $497.

But that isn't where we are at. Even though a calendar full of leads is worth gold and even ONE SALE of Repwarn at the yearly level is nearly double that... I ran this idea past my team, my colleagues and the memory of all those cold call DEAD answers that nearly cost me my enthusiasm for the task...

I told them, I didn't want to charge $497



Look, cold calling SUCKS! And wasting time sucks even more (and it kills what your profitability!). And quite frankly, I don't want you to struggle with either ever again.

So you won't pay $497 today, in fact, you won't even pay $297!!

My Absolute Goal... is to help you succeed with your Repwarn business.

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TRACE Lead Generation Software REPWARN Special

And because I want to be 100% sure you take advantage of these absolutely INSANE savings, I'm going to take on all the risk for you.

So if you're not absolutely blown away at how TRACE simplifies your business, just shoot me a quick email within 30 days of your purchase and I will return every penny.

That means you can secure your copy TODAY with ZERO risk to you.


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TRACE Lead Generation Software REPWARN Special

Just think... you can find targeted leads within seconds AND contact your prospects without ever having to pick up the phone. Seriously, it does not get any simpler than this.

This is The Tool To Help Bring in Those Recurring Repwarn Sales. Grab It Now

With TRACE working in your corner, your Repwarn Business gets stronger and stronger. In no time at all you will be turning MORE leads into clients and earning MORE money than ever before.

I am looking forward to hearing how you pulled in 6 figures in recurring income from your Repwarn Business. And I am sure leads via TRACE can make that happen easier than you could possibly believe

See You on the Inside,

Walt Bayliss

Your Repwarn and TRACE Creator

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