Your Own Turn-Key Subscription Business Passes All The Work To Your Customers And STILL Leaves Them Happy To Pay You $97/Month

And it is something businesses need so
much they'll be begging to meet with you,  even if you've never sold offline before.

You get to own a license to resell your own software hugely in demand niche

This Special Offer Is Strictly Limited:

(we limit the number of resellers to provide
maximum results for those who take action)

This is something that has NEVER been done before:

My name’s Walt Bayliss,

I own a successful business software company and right now I'd like to give you the keys to yours. 

(Note: this is NOT an affiliate invitation. This becomes your own resellers system.)

Right now, on this page, you have the chance to start your own completely done-for-you software business.

I’m not talking peanuts and ‘post and hope’ kind of thing. I am talking genuine, software backed, 6 figure PLUS recurring income software business.

There’s no argument now that having a reliable online business means subscription (recurring) income.

People often talk about video or Facebook or the latest SEO hack as the new way of “doing marketing”.

Recurring income is the best way of doing BUSINESS.

Soon, you’ll be able to provide a service offline businesses want so much, they’ll be beating a path to your door. Even if you’ve never made an offline sale before in your life.

It doesn’t matter if they’re hotels, restaurants, chiropractors, opticians, mechanics, shops or bars. They will want it, and they will be happy to pay you $97/month for it.

(I can guarantee that, because we have customers already paying me that much for the exact same service I’m about to show you. And they LOVE it)


John Fernance,
Yellow Brick Road Finance.

“The finance industry is SUPER
Competitive and we pay a fortune for
leads. With Repwarn, we have an
incredible monitoring system that is
scouring the internet for us and bringing
people to us that are actively looking for
finance or wealth planning. Talk about
value! This tool is an amazing sales


George Pangalos,
Barry Plant Real Estate.

“Wow! Real Estate agents go to all
lengths to know what is happening in
their neighbourhoods. Repwarn makes
the monitoring SO easy. One (well placed)
Alert and we pick up listings from anyone
looking in the area - and can keep tabs on
people looking for houses in the area.

And that means:

  • If you’re already offering services to offline clients, this will give you a COMPLETELY HANDS-FREE new string to your bow
  • If you want to break into the offline market, this is the single easiest place to start.

And the best part of all?

It takes you absolutely no time or effort to deliver. In fact, your clients will do everything, but they’ll still be paying you for the privilege.

One more thing: don’t worry. This isn’t going to be one of those ‘blind’ letters where I never actually reveal any info. I’m going to go through everything in detail, right now.

Let’s get started. VIDEO PART ONE: PRESS PLAY

The Software is ROCK Solid And In High Demand:
(which is what makes this opportunity so hot...)

Every business knows how important it is to keep track of what people say about them online

(After all, if you read 5 good reviews and 1 bad one for a restaurant, it’ll be the bad one that sticks with you…)

And that’s the core of reputation management.

Usually, if you offer a reputation management service, you’ll be given a list of terms by the business, and it’s your job to keep track of them online.

So when they appear in reviews or blog posts, you keep a record and then send it to your client.

The problem is, for most of these businesses, it’s too late. The damage has been done. If the storm breaks over a weekend, on when the reps in charge of that account are off-duty, it could be days before word reaches the client.

But people don’t stop sharing things on Facebook just because it’s Sunday. In that time, a huge amount of damage can be done.

Businesses don’t want a service that warns them of bad
reviews a week too late… FAR outside the window of
opportunity for action


Qantas are an airline here in Oz. And like any airline, not everything always runs smoothly. With airports and check-in and baggage, even the best-run system is going to have a bit of turbulence now and then.

One customer, caught up in delays, pulled out their smartphone and put an angry post on Twitter. These days, a pretty natural reaction.

Within 5 minutes, a customer service rep had come over, found out the problem and fixed it.

Their next tweet was RAVING about Qantas, and it got retweeted around the world. That one little act of customer service not only got a customer for life, but also a ton of free good press.

Qantas could react that fast for 2 reasons:
  • 1
  • They had a team of 4 people
    scanning social media full time
  • 2
  • They got lucky

Now just imagine if you could offer reaction times like that to ANY business, guaranteeing they can know within minutes when someone’s talking about their brand online…

Something that completely automates what Qantas used 4 full-time members of staff for.

How much do you think that would be worth?

When businesses spend THOUSANDS of dollars trying to generate leads, having this service as an insurance policy to protect themselves against malicious or unhappy customers just makes sense.

TODAY - Reactions and comments can be live within minutes.

Tom Beal. Multi Million Dollar Producer and Business Consultant

Now, thanks to you and your invaluable service, businesses will be able to LEAP
onto bad reviews within MINUTES and rescue their

You’ll give them the ability to find bad reviews instantly. The ability to take control of the situation. The ability to turn what could have been a PR nightmare into a massive coup, delivering more sales and more customers.

And you’ll do it all without lifting a finger.

Now, this may sound too good to be true. And if you’re thinking there’s a catch then, well, you’re right.

Let me explain how it works:

RepWarn puts the entire reputation management process

on 100% autopilot

Recently, I launched a new tool called RepWarn.

And let me say right now, it’s a high-end product. It’s being sold as a $97/month or $997 per year software-as-a-service (and I’ll be explaining shortly how you can get in on that action and start banking that for yourself).

And when you’ve got a RepWarn account, reputation management becomes a whole lot easier. Here’s how it works:

  • They put in the keywords they want to keep tabs on, like their brand name, Their company, their kep personnel and even their competition…
  • RepWarn scours the deep web,
    leaving no stone unturned
  • Whenever someone mentions their keyword – whether it’s in a Facebook post, review, blog post or tweet – they get notified INSTANTLY with the comment text and a direct link to the post. Either via email – or even better, straight to their Iphone or Android device.
  • So they get to take action IMMEDIATELY, following a hot lead or defusing a poor review.


And you can do a lot more with it than just find reviews…


Discover The Hottest Leads Before Anyone Else
Set RepWarn to hunt for people asking their friends about your service, and watch the best leads in the world be delivered straight to your fingertips.

Spy On Your Competition

Enter your competitor’s brand, company or products to find out what people are saying about them online.

You’ll discover what people like about them, letting you do it better…

And if you find anyone unsatisfied with their service, you can steal their customers right from under their nose.

Now you may think I’m about to say that you should use RepWarn to create the notifications you send to clients. And sure, that’d make delivering a reputation management service much easier.

But this isn’t about offering you RepWarn as a product where you still have to do all the work .

It’s about offering you RepWarn as a BUSINESS where the service takes care of itself.

Licenses Are Limited Do Not Miss Out:


This New Service Is Called RepWarn…
And With It, You’re Going To Disrupt The
Reputation Management Industry

RepWarn brings reputation management up to date and PRO-ACTIVE.

It makes the process entirely automated.

And because you’re delivering it as a software-as-a-service, you don’t have to be involved.

  • Run your business completely hands-free: RepWarn is entirely hands-free from point of sale. No support headaches, no hosting costs, no work. All you need to do is cash the cheques.
  • 100% of the profit: this is NOT an affiliate offer where you only get a cut of each sale. This is your business, and you get everything.
  • The easiest sales you’ll ever make: Your clients’ reputation is possibly the most valuable asset they’ve got. And when you tell them they can protect themselves from trolls with virtually no effort? They’ll bite your hand off.
  • Subscription income going straight into your pocket: Because RepWarn is a monthly subscription, you only need to make a sale once to get paid again and again and again.
  • Market-leading retention rates: RepWarn is an ACTIVE service – your clients see it working every time they get an e-mail. That means retention rates are through the roof, so your income isn’t just recurring, it’s reliable.
  • Every one of your clients gets treated like gold: If any of your clients have an issue – which we think is unlikely, but it pays to be prepared – they’ll have priority access to our real-human support desk, and we’ll get them sorted immediately.

.....but also because Walt has most assuredly proven that he is one of of the most ethical, stand up guys around. He has spent the past 3 days on Skype with me, working diligently to resolve the problems and they are all now resolved!


Danielle Schaeffer, Satisfied Customer

  • PLUS! Everything you need to start making sales: as well as the reseller licence, you’ll get access to a massive pile of sales material, training and the exact script I used to make my first sales (full details in a couple of minutes…)
  • A premium service your clients will love: You’ve already seen what some of them say, but here’s a few other notes from existing customers:

Alina Higgins,
AIS Electrical.

“Monitoring your reputation is absolutely KEY, but RepWarn makes it easy. We also set the system to receive alerts for anyone looking for electricians in our area and have picked up a lot of business already! Love Repwarn. Great System…..”


Justin King,
General Manager. Saffire-Freycinet
Hotel and Resort

“In hospitality - reputation is everything. At Saffire we hold the title as voted as the best luxury boutique in the world. That doesn't come easily. Now with Repwarn, we are able to monitor and interact with any of our guests or Press that are referencing the resort in any media on the web.”

We have businesses that currently pay $97 every month for access to the RepWarn service.

Do you think they’re alone? Of course not!

They love it – and your customers will love it – simply because it makes handling your own reputation management incredibly easy.

And because it’s such a high-quality, useful service, you’ll be amazed just how easy it is to get customers of your own:

This is JIM.
Who after just 45 days is already on track to make over $100,000 in his first year!


How about TINA: Who made nearly $1000 from her very first sale!!??

As A RepWarn Reseller, you get to sell this
premium service to your customers… WE do all
the support, THEY do all the work,
and YOU get r

ecurring income.

You’ll get everything you need to sell your new service (details to follow) and the after-sale support is completely hands-free.

It’s like you’ve got the resources of a million-dollar company backing you up, without having to build it yourself.

But please don’t confuse this with an affiliate offer. This becomes Your Own Business!

RepWarn will be your product. Your clients will see RepWarn as your product. You’ll have the respect and authority due to a business owner.

Plus, of course, you’ll be building a regular, reliable recurring income, on the back of a service your clients will love.

So Let Me Tell You About Your Customers,
And Why They’re So Eager To Pay For This
Service Every Single Month

They’re hotels. They’re restaurants. They’re chiropractors and opticians, mechanics, shops and bars.

They’re plumbers, builders and chartered accountants. They’re lawyers, mortgage advisors, airlines and taxi firms. They’re florists, doctors and far more besides.

If this seems like a huge market, that’s because it is. A huge range of businesses are waiting for this service… but they’ve all got one thing in common.

Even better, a lot of these businesses are just starting to wake up to the fact that this service is one they desperately need.

And that is where YOU get to deliver it to them, and they’re going to love you for it.
They’ll have better business, better customers, be making more money – and be happily paying YOU $97 a month
or $997 a year.


And You can build this business as big as you like...
Your fees will NEVER increase, even when you build this to be more than $100,000 per year...

Secure Your License While You Can:

Good deal. Right?

So what are these Reseller Rights
going to cost?

You might well expect that rights like these to a product which is priced at $97/month or $997 a year to be expensive.

So I’d like to make clear, right now, that these rights are not going to break the bank.

In fact, even at full price they’ll be significantly cheaper than a single licence of the RepWarn service. If you make JUST ONE SALE of your own Repwarn system… You will be HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PROFIT

And you’ll be given everything you need to start making sales from day 1

Now, let’s be clear:

We keep the branding and pricing consistant for everyone, but don’t dictate any terms on how you go about selling RepWarn to your customers.

(Well… there’s all the usual ‘don’t spam’ stuff, but RepWarn delivers such a valuable service that if you have to resort to tactics like that, frankly you’re not going to get far in business anyhow…)

But to give you the best possible start, we’ve put together a ton of ready-made sales material to make sure you can get up and running as fast as possible.

  • Premium presell to whip your leads into a frenzy: This 12-page report has been carefully copywritten to not only have your leads thanking you for the valuable info, but also presell the RepWarn service. Once they’ve been through this report, they’ll be practically demanding you let them sign up
  • Offline marketing tools to pull in buyers: You’ll have a set of CD labels, postcards, ring-binder frontage and more, both print-ready and in a customisable PSD. This gives you so many more ways to market than just e-mail!
  • Pre-made email follow ups: Professionally written to give you maximum conversions – both for leads and sales. Follow the steps to have a fully automated system capturing leads and sending them back to your sales pages and webinar (below).
  • Pre-made graphics and advertising templates: Professionally designed to give you maximum conversions – both for leads and sales.
  • Webinar recordings: Use a pre recorded ‘webinar’ format to walk through in detail every step of the Repwarn system. Simply send people the ‘watch now’ link and let them sell themselves

And This Premium Business Service
Is In High Demand

  • If you’ve already got clients, they’re going to love your new service. Just pass them your link and get them signed up.

    Just think about this… if you could tell all your clients that they never have to worry about bad reviews again, would they be interested?

    If you could show them that smart software will find leads of customers who are already looking for their business, would they love you for ever?

    And when you pair an awesome service like this with your authority as a trusted provider, I’m confident you’ll find RepWarn the easiest sale you’ve ever made.
  • If you’re just starting out, RepWarn gives you the best possible springboard: a service that’s guaranteed to generate interest and a completely hands-free business for you.

    And with all the sales material ready-made for you, you don’t even need to spend time on the marketing – you can get up and running right away.

Our angle (yes, we’ve got one…)

Apple Box

Now, as I mentioned earlier, there is a catch.

And you might well be wondering why we’re offering such a good deal on these reseller rights (like keeping 100% of all the profit you earn). It’s simply this:

As we mentioned earlier, we’re out to make RepWarn a global brand. For that, we need exposure. If you can help us get that exposure, we’re happy to pay you a premium.

And frankly, the market for reputation management is huge. Not only is there more than enough room for all of us, but you’ll reach people we never could.

This way, we get more exposure, you get a steady income stream. Everyone’s a winner.

Here’s your part of the bargain

Since we’re dealing with all the customer support, paying for all the hosting and supporting all the technology, there are a few running costs.

So these rights aren’t free.

But they are extremely good value. In fact – it is LESS than a SINGLE BUSINESS will pay you for the Repwarn system.

That means as soon as you make one sale, you’re getting steady beer money (means you are in profit).

Make just 5 sales and you will earn $485 each and every month

Go for 10 sales and bring in $970 per month.

Make just 50 sales and you’re earning $58,200 per year, which is more than the average income in America – and you have a subscription based business to provide you lifestyle as well as money.


even if you take the whole time off and spend it camped out in front of the TV.

(One more thing: if you cancel the subscription – which you’re free to do, at any time – you won’t receive any further commissions. Please note: this isn’t for someone who plans to bank commissions but avoid their part of the deal. This is a business system where we both have a part to play.)

How many sales do you think you can
make per month?

Before you answer, remember JIM! And Ashley Gough and  David McCall above… OR TINA... With That $947 Commission!


David McCall,
Repwarn Reseller.

"Repwarn has absolutely blown me away. The opportunities are endless. Every business I have spoken to so far has requested a demo and I have a diary booked with appointments to showcase Repwarn. Who doesn't want full control of their online presence? When you couple that with the potential to produce leads for you all day long, this makes Repwarn a truly game changing piece of software!"


Ashley Gough,
Repwarn Reseller.

""I've been offering reputation management services in the UK for a while and I can clearly see how Repwarn can take companies reputation handling to a whole new level. Real Time notifications and the ability to get alerts when people are searching for products or services makes this a real 'stand out' tool. As a 'Must Have', I am talking with every company I can about the immense value of Repwarn."

Are they different from you? Are they better marketers? Absolutely not. They just had access to a system that sold itself.


And you’ve seen proof of my own results above. This service sells.

So how many sales do you think you could make per month?

(I’ve left this blank for your answer)

Because even if you answered JUST ONE (in a whole year....) You are going to be hundreds of dollars in profit

All with you needing to do absolutely no after-sale support.

ROIs that good simply aren’t available anywhere else.

You Even Get To Use RepWarn In Your Own
Business (And You’ll Find It Useful For A Lot More
Than Just Reviews…)

Most businesses will use RepWarn to keep tabs on what people are saying about them online.

But the keywords you can track aren’t limited to company names and brands. You can search for anything you like.

And that means for the smart marketer, there’s a lot of options…

You can run sniper-precise affiliate campaigns. All you need to do is find a good evergreen product, then search for keywords related to the problem it solves. When RepWarn finds you a lead, you (or your VA) can leap into the conversation with your recommendation and affiliate link.

It’ll be the easiest commissions you’ve ever made.

You can profit with VERY high-ticket CPA. RepWarn lets you stop thinking small. Instead, think luxury cars, private jets and celebrity entertainment. These companies charge hundreds of thousands – sometimes MILLIONS – of dollars.

How much do you think they pay for leads?

This market is too small for most CPA marketers, but with RepWarn, you won’t have to spend ages hunting for the lead. Let RepWarn do the work, while you just watch your inbox for the alert.

And if you do launches of your own, here’s a tip you’ll love…

Start tracking your download link. The second it appears on a blackhat site, you’ll get an e-mail to let you know… and the pirates will never work out how you DMCA’d them so fast.

Even if you never sell RepWarn to a single customer, you can more than make your money back just by using it yourself.

TAKE NOTE: This is a Caution!

Even though the market is very large and there is more than enough business for everyone, we want to protect the integrity of your reseller business with RepWarn.

And I am sure YOU want us to as well.

So these reseller licences will not be on sale for long.

Licenses Are Limited

Get Started Today:

they’ll be taken off general release.

This Special Resellers Offer WILL Be taken down once our maximum number is attained.

Once we close the option of becoming a reseller, the business opportunity of being a reseller, and keeping 100% of the profit, will be off the table.

All you have to do to get started is
push the button

This is a unique opportunity. You’re getting:

  • The ability to offer a high-demand service with no effort required
  • Access to RepWarn for your own use ($97/month to business clients)
  • Ready-made sales materials to help you land your first client
  • AND No support or development costs (ever)

With just 1 sale under your belt, you’ll be turning a profit. With 10, you’ve got a profitable sideline. With 50, you’re getting a serious income and lifestyle to boot.

So, the only question is: how quickly can you get your 50?.

And of course, if you’re already active offline, you’ll never find another service that’s so easy to add to your client offer.

You can be ready to start in just a few minutes. Push the button below, and your Reseller Licence will be sent to you immediately, along with all the sales materials:

Choose monthly or grab a bigger discount on the yearly plan if you know you are going to make a go of this.

Act Now:

By taking action now, you’re going to be saying
‘YES’ to helping more clients and making more
money than ever before

You’re just one click away from providing your customers with an exceptionally valuable service – maybe the most valuable service.

At best, a bad review left unchecked will cause damage to their reputation. At worst, it’ll break their business.

Imagine for a minute what it’ll be like to not only be paid every month for doing virtually nothing…

(And of course, after your clients are signed up it’s LITERALLY nothing – we deal with everything from that point on)

But to have your clients know that thanks to you, they’re still in business and their livelihoods are safe.

To make that a reality, all you need to do is push the button now:


On behalf of everyone at RepWarn, thank you for reading this letter.
I look forward to sending you your first payments.

To your success,

Walt Bayliss

P.S. This is all but guaranteed to be an extremely popular offer.

You’ve already seen how it lets you offer a completely hands-free service… selling RepWarn as if it’s your own and keeping all the profit.

Providing a service that offline businesses desperately WANT and NEED…

And building up a regular, recurring income in the process.

And because you’ll have a recurring income, that means the sooner you get started, the more profit you’ll make.

So don’t delay – claim your Reseller Rights NOW and get started right away.

Repwarn Resellers Account

  • Monthly Option at just $67

    May 2017 Special Repwarn Resellers Monthly Account
  • Yearly Option save $307

    May 2017 Special Repwarn Resellers ANNUAL Option


This is a unique opportunity. You’re getting:

  • How will I get paid?
  • We process all transactions via Paypal. Once you set up your Resellers account, We set you to 100% commission and you get paid on every sale. (less Transaction fees). Payments happen the week after the refund period passes. Your customer purchases, they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Once this passes, your payment will be transferred to you via paypal. This is at the 35 day mark after the sale.
  • Will My ongoing cost go up?
  • Never! When you come on board with us during this resellers opportunity, you will be ‘Grandfathered in’ to the system and your cost to run the business will remain the same, no matter how big you grow your own income.
  • Is this a Whitelabel system?
  • No. To maintain the integrity of the program everyone will be reselling the service at the same price, under the same brand. (the last thing I am sure you want is someone selling your product for $20 a month in a few weeks time)
  • Can I start on the monthly and then switch to yearly?
  • You can - but it may cost more at the time you want to upgrade. If you are serious (and can swing for it) grab the annual option as the cheapest way to go.
  • Do I have to Support and update the software for people?
  • No. I have that covered. All support and updates will be taken care of by our team. We even provider professional on-boarding for your clients, ensuring they get set up and running in the right way.
  • Will You Help Me?
  • As much as I can…. Tutorials, Webinars and ongoing training. There is a proviso, however. I can provide everything for you – including the Repwarn system itself – but in the end, it is YOU that needs to step up and take action
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Yes, if within the first 30 days you decide this isn’t for you – you can request your money back in full and the resellers account will be closed with no hard feelings
  • Can I speak to someone and find out more about this?
  • Absolutely. Drop in a support ticket here: with a topic of PRE SALE Repwarn Reseller. Ask away and I will jump on a skype call or answer on email to walk you through anything you need. (ask to get in touch with Walt. I own the company)
    Alternatively: reach out to me on skype: umoweb
    And (although I am not on all the time) I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PRIVATE Repwarn Resellers Account ANNUAL Option

This round of Repwarn Resellers MUST End Soon:

Licenses Approaching Maximum:

Choose Your Package and Get Started With Us Today

I wish you all the success in the world.
The system is created...
Now you need to step forward and take action.
Yours in Success,

Walt Bayliss

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